It’s about craftsmanship and creating a masterpiece you will love.

Long ago, during a more elegant age of homebuilding, there were no laborers, only craftsmen. It was a title; an inscription of quality and certainty, instantly revered and respected. It meant you had dedicated yourself to an individual style that was finely honed. It set you apart, and what you built endured.

Today, the idea of craftsmanship is returning, but not all who promise it understand how to apply it. At Linnane Homes it defines us. Why? I grew up surrounded by all of the sights and sounds of homebuilding, watching my father show us what leadership can create. I matured knowing I was doing something important, and I am proud to have spent my career helping people acquire a home of their own; accountable to each one for entrusting me with their dreams.

Here’s what it means to you. We don’t just build houses, we create a masterpiece with your name on it. Conscious quality is something we believe from within, not because it’s written on a mission statement. We have always approached our craft with an eye single to details that are enduring, and passion is our most important guiding principle. You can be assured we will build with consideration and quality, focus on your needs, and continue to let true craftsmanship guide us in every endeavor.

We look forward to building your next home.


Billy Linnane
Linnane Homes