Southern Cottage, the very name and essence of our business, evokes a state of mind… a confidence that you are in a place you want to enjoy, establish memories, and call home…

Locally since 2002, Southern Cottage Corporation, a Certified Green Home Builder, has offered the latest industry trends and innovations paired with responsible home design and implementation. Quality materials, innovative products, and valued strategies are foundations in our offering. Southern Cottage is uniquely navigated from a vantage point of diverse corporate successes and entrepreneurial ventures that bring distinct advantages over a traditional homebuilding business.

Creative designs, energy efficiency, quality materials and workmanship with proven business strategy and professionalism set us apart from the average. Sound fiscal strategy in our business is inherent and part of the value proposition we proudly offer our clients. If you reminisce of an old family homestead, or a special vacation destination, or a classical residence that you have always been drawn to…whatever the dream, the reality of these impressions becoming part of your very own home are closer than you think! Embrace your dream with envied results.